Bootstrapping Biz School

How to Grow Your Business on a Tight Budget


Learn the easiest activities for getting more money in the bank. 


Harness the power of low-cost, organic business growth strategies.


Don't let self-doubt stop you in your tracks. Life's too short to play small!

"The value and clarity I have gotten from all of Lindsay's content continuously blows my mind."

- Andrea Diaz, The Moodie Creative

You're Doing Your Best to Build Your Business on a Tight Budget

You have to spend so much $$ before you've even earned a dollar from your first client

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur are you feeling overwhelmed by how much it costs to start a business?

  • Registering or incorporating your business
  • Website, logo and branding design
  • Head-shots and personal branding photography and videography
  • Business cards, banners, flyers and more
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, lawyers and bank fees
  • Subscription fees to email providers, site hosting, sales pages, automated webinars, social media tools, editing programs, calendars, and so so so many more
  • Event and membership fees to network with your ideal clients
  • Classes, programs, coaches and other much needed experts
  • Venue rentals for your workshops
  • Co-working memberships and office space


The costs add up FAST!

It's enough to make a new entrepreneur curl up in the corner and cry.

(BTW: You wouldn't be the first entrepreneur to cry in the corner)

Imagine Knowing The Fastest + Least Expensive Ways to Build Your Business (That No One is Talking About)

Because you're ready to stop spending money and start earning it!

Wouldn't you love to:

  • Know exactly what to do get paying clients quickly and easily
  • Build a community of engaged champions and cheerleaders telling the world about the brilliant work that you do
  • Focus on revenue generating activities, instead of busy-work
  • Get out of your own way by ditching impostor syndrome 
  • Master the art of strategic networking for faster business growth and FUN collaborations
  • Establish your reputation as an expert, thought-leader, and all around fabulous person to know

Bootstrapping Biz School Was Created for Budget Conscious Entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector!

I'm going to show you the Fastest, Simplest, and Cheapest way to build your business, right now.


I've spent the past 18 years showing brilliant but struggling entrepreneurs how to build their businesses by helping them get real about what they really want to do and then teaching them tangible, strategic action plans for faster growth and more money in their pockets.

​After a lifetime spent watching first-time entrepreneurs with huge visions and serious skills work themselves to the point of exhaustion, wasting years and thousands of dollars focusing on the wrong activities, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get to work showing folks like you how to rock your biz!

I can't wait to show you how simple and inexpensive it is to grow your business and get money in the bank!


An Online Course Designed to Get You Doing the Right Biz Activities in Less Than a Weekend!

Let's take a look at what's included in the program:

  • Stop doing busy work that doesn't work
  • Revenue generating activities that don't cost a thing
  • The key to opening the door to new opportunities
  • Understand exactly what your business does and how to clearly and confidently tell others
  • Get paying clients faster by telling them you're the right person to solve their problems in 1-3 sentences​
  • Building blocks for a perfect, "What do you do?" (WDYD)
  • Establish an unshakable reputation as an expert, thought-leader, and fabulous person to know!
  • Learn step-by-step how to start and nurture your own online community
  • Create a pool of endless referrals and clients
  • Tap into the rock star leader within you
  • Use networking events as your personal client pool
  • Spot your perfect client in a crowded room
  • Turn business cards into clients and super fans
  • Ick-free and fun networking on social media​​​
  • Simple yet effective template for a fun sales call with your perfect potential clients
  • Convert new business faster and in a way that feels good!
  • No more awkward pitches with my Red Light-Green Light system!
  • Putting all you've learned together
  • Stop doing busy work and focus on revenue generating activities
  • Create a realistic action plan for your days, weeks, and months that works with your busy life
  • Develop good biz habits as you grow
  • Ditch the overwhelm and learn how to work less to earn more! ​​​​​
  • Recognize the signs of Impostor Syndrome and silence the gremlins of self-doubt
  • Stop yourself from spiraling into hiding and keep rocking your biz when you want to fade into the background
  • Learn the tools to defuse comparison and competition
  • Ground yourself in unshakable confidence​​​

"How can I describe Lindsay without using words like game changer, life changer, outlook for life and career changer! The best thing I ever did was reach out to Lindsay!"

- Laura Hamilton, Casa Sorelle


Sweet-Sweet Bonuses When You Sign Up Today!


As you dive into the content in this course you may find yourself wanting a little extra one-on-one support. We'll spend 30 minutes together diving into a single problem and get you unstuck!


Make a lasting impression everywhere you go. Come out of your shell and get comfortable standing out. Become a magnet for people, opportunities, + business.


Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy the next step in your Business Education. It is an online school that teaches real business skills for faster growth with your perfect clients.

"Lindsay not only knows her sh*t like crazy, she also goes above and beyond to support her peeps. She is the real deal."

- Belinda Clemmensen, The Women's Leadership Intensive


Your investment is $995

  • Official program release date: January, 2020
  • Payment plan: 2 monthly payments of $500
  • Includes up to $1197 in bonuses
  • Prices are in Canadian funds
  • Taxes extra

"Lindsay is the real deal. Her program was just what I I am armed with practical strategies & step-by-step guides along with a renewed spirit, full of devotion to my life's work."

- Brigid Dineen, Life Coach for Women

You're Determined to Grow Your Business and This Program Will Teach You How to Do It!

Bootstrapping Biz School is Perfect for Anyone Who Needs to Build on a Budget

Are you:

  • Wasting money on things you don't need?
  • Doing busy work that doesn't work?
  • Unsure of the best, low-cost strategies for building quickly?
  • Overwhelmed, exhausted or burning out from working 24/7 with no real results?
  • Lacking a strong network or community to drive new sales and opportunities?
  • Drowning in self-doubt and impostor syndrome?

Here's What The Radical Connector Community Has to Say

"Lindsay has a gift of cutting through the clutter of the 10,000 things a new entrepreneur thinks they should be doing...and getting to the core of what is actually going to build their business."

- June Morrow, Life Coach

"Lindsay's program was inspiring, mind-blowing and intense. I learned so much about starting a business."

"Lindsay is a life saver when it come to getting you unstuck. She makes networking and building a business fun!"

- Anne Flamant, Dare & Defy Strategy


Imagine Yourself 48 Hours From Now ... Knowing Exactly What to Do to Start Connecting with Your Perfect Clients

Here's what you can expect after completing this program:

  • Work way less and start earning money
  • Know exactly what to do every day to build your business with your perfect clients
  • Establish yourself as an expert, leader, and fabulous person to know
  • Generate business and new opportunities through your community
  • Become a networking rock star
  • Tools, strategies and a concrete action plan to grow your business fast
  • Unshakable confidence and belief in yourself, your vision, and your ability to make it happen!


Sign me up now . . . I can't wait to dive in!


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is a digital DIY program.

Once you purchase the Bootstrapping Biz School program you'll get access to the online videos and workbook so you can dig in and start rocking your business!

If you're not experiencing the kind of growth you know your business is capable of or are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck or on the verge of giving up, this program will help you get clear on what you need to do to build your biz while teaching you the right action steps to bring your vision to life.

You will connect with your perfect client, make more money, and start growing a whole lot faster.

Bootstrapping Biz School cuts through the noise and expense of getting a business off the ground and teaches you the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to start growing your biz now!

This course will be too advanced for you if you are still in the idea phase of your business. I have a special program, Brilliance to Business Mastermind, just for idea-stage entrepreneurs (those who are less than 1 year old) . Learn more here!

If you're currently rocking your biz and looking for support as you discover what's next and how much bigger you can go, contact me directly and let's talk about doing one-on-one work together!

You're going to learn the difference between Busy Work and Revenue Generating Activities. 

You will learn exactly what to do to grow your business and connect with your perfect clients. 

Most importantly, the strategies you're going to learn are all low or no cost! 

This course is DIY which means you are on your own for this one!

As a bonus you'll get one free 30 minute strategy session with me to be used as needed.

Beyond that you can access continued support through the Rad Connectors Facebook group.

If you have a technical problem (ex. can't access the program online) you can contact me at [email protected]

Once you've started to grow your business and start making money you will probably be ready to invest in Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy.

The Academy picks up where this course ends, with:

  • In-depth sales skills and strategies
  • Public speaking for lead generation
  • Revenue stream stacking
  • Irresistible copy writing
  • Deepening your niche
  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions online
  • Private community for ongoing support

We'd love to have you in the Academy! 

When you're ready to sign up you'll get to a $500 credit to apply to the program.


Memorize this phrase: "Don't keep going in the wrong direction no matter how much money you've spent getting there." You need to ask yourself if you are getting the kinds of results you want from the amount of money/time/effort you are putting into your biz. Or, if you are even going in the right direction.

If the answer is no, open that budget up and register for this program. 

Investing in business skills that teach you the right activities to grow your business is essential if you're going to make it!

Whew baby, I've been there! You don't have to have all the answers to be able to move forward in this program. In fact, that's pretty much the whole point of the course. I have designed this program to support you through self-doubt so that you can grow your confidence and develop the tools and strategies to help you make decisions and problem solve even when self-doubt kicks in again in the future!

I understand the pressure of needing to make serious money to pay the bills. Sometimes we leave our supportive and steady incomes too soon and dive into our own businesses before they can fully support us (whether it's our decision or not!).

When that happens the stress and pressure we put on ourselves and our businesses can make us sick and lead to bad decision making for our bigger biz vision.

My suggestion is to slow down just a tiny bit so that you can catch your breath and get a handle on the bigger picture.

If you are scrambling to bring in revenue and nothing seems to be happening, working harder or more frantically will not help. It will only alienate potential clients and cause you to make compromises that won't serve you or your biz.

I know it's hard to slow down and take a breath when the pressure is on. That's a part of entrepreneurial maturity and something you will learn to develop.

Take a breath and a step back. Slow down and sign up for this program.

By the end of our time together you'll be like a finely tuned rocket taking off in the right direction. We'll get you there.

Only the serious need apply. Because you will be getting access to the freebies, the content, and the community, refunds are not offered.

Once you sign up you will be given instant access to all the goods.

Make sure you are ready to dig in and get to work.

If you're on the fence and want to find out if this program is right for you, click here to schedule a quick 15 minute call and let's discuss if this program is right for you.

"Lindsay is the real deal and can help you take your business to the next level."

- Ainsley Moir, Engineer Your Brand

I'm ready to Rock my Biz!


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